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Monday, October 20, 2008

Damn you TiFaux!

Last week I set off on another round of travels. I packed my bags (had I known about the new $50 baggage fee from DELTA Airlines, I would have packed only one big bag), set my DVR, kissed my husband and headed off to Chicago.

Chicago is a great city. It's really clean and shiny. I walked the Navy Pier, saw Oprah's house and shopped the Magnificent Mile. It was all fun and great but I was looking forward to returning home Sunday night and catching up on my shows.

That's when IT happened. I returned home to find that my DVR had not recorded anything from Tuesday night to Saturday morning!!!!! Oh DVR, how can you do this to me? No Project Runway (the season finale, mind you), no Pushing Daises, Ugly Betty or Grey's Anatonmy????

Lucky for me ABC.com lets you watch epsiodes of your fave shows for free. As far as Project Runway, I guess Nev's blog will have to do.

1 comment:

Kristi said...

Oh. Dear. God.

You poor thing. I'm seriously addicted to my DVR and I would have just died. I almost did die the other week when my DVR was so full that it cut off, and I missed the last 7 minutes of Grey's. Those are very important minutes!! I need to get to abc.com soon to find out what happened!!

Damn being so dependent on technology!!!