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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday People

The history of thankful Thursdays is long and awesome. It started with about five women having shitty days and deciding it was time to force ourselves to be thankful about something, ANYTHING. It has grown over the years and our email chain contains anywhere from 20-30 women, depending on who is participating. I shall share my thankfulness with you now.

Today I am thankful for many things. I have to be to keep from focusing on the throbbing pain in my right breast from having been stung SEVEN times last night by a wasp. Good for nothing insects.

-For Bonkie, who is getting a chance to be an annoying woman who thinks of nothing but babies and motherhood. I still expect you to come pole-dancing with me after these babies are born.
-For Amanda, Kristen and Roy- who watch Swamp People and make me laugh.
-For my in-laws, who finally came home from California. I no longer have to tell the kid she is too young to go to "Caliporniya".
-For watermelon. I swear I've eaten 20 pounds in the last two weeks, but it has to be better than 20 pounds of cake so I'll keep eating.
-For curling irons, because my hair is not so cooperative without one.
-For Everything Bagels with WW Cream Cheese and a tall glass of milk. It's the only thing in the morning that doesn't make me what to vomit.
-For beaches. Even though I can't seem to make it to one this year, I know they are out there. Someday I hope to be sitting on a beach with a cold drink and a trashy book.
For return policies. Bought the kid a pair of size 6 shoes for school only to get home and realize she's in a size 7.

Peace, Love and Curling Irons.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Losing Sally

This is Sally.

Sally joined our family on May 29, 2009. For those of you in the know, this is also Miss Adelaide's birthday. When the doctor said, "It's a girl.", (I'm not using an exclamation point, because she didn't use one. My doctor was a bitch, but that's another story.) my sister ran out and bought a host of lovely pink things to welcome her god-daughter. Among the lovely outfits and pink hats, was Sally. She plays "Braham's Lullaby" and has been adored by the kid since day one.

Now, I have been told in the past that we need to work on separating her from Sally, but I have had no desire to do so. Miss Adelaide loves Sally. Sally comforts her. Also, I know that one day she will grow up and no longer cling to Sally the way she does now. Me, however, she will always need and adore. I figure she'll only be two for so long, so why rush it. Sally has been known to cure hurt fingers, mend broken hearts, fix sad faces and lull Miss Adelaide to sleep within minutes. Note the sleepiness:

Why am I going on about a pink stuffed hippo like some animal obsessed freak? Because the kid will be starting "school" in three weeks time and I was notified on Friday that Sally will not be allowed to attend. Apparently the state feels that small stuffed items carry lice and germs, so the child care facility has banned all such items. "But surely she can have her during nap time?" Negative. No Sally. No way. No how.

Being the pregnant, overly-emotional mother I've turned into, I cried. And it's not because I'm upset about having to take Sally away, and it's not because I think she will have a total hissy fit when it comes to nap time (okay- so I kinda think she will, but at least I won't have to be there to see it). I'm sad because I'm not ready for her to be old enough to not need Sally anymore. I knew there would come a time when she wouldn't need Sally (like when she gets married), I just didn't think it would happen so soon.

So parental units (or whoever else is listening to my obscure ramblings), any suggestions? We never had a pacifier issue, so I've never had to work to take anything away from a child before. I'm sure there are a few hard-core parents who are thinking, "Just take the damned thing from her and don't look back." You're suggestion is dually noted. Thanks so much for that helpful insight.

Any other suggestions?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The kid is getting too smart.

The kid has been asking to go to California. Her Nana and Poppy are in California and she doesn't seem to understand the distance between Louisiana and California. We've been telling her she can't go because she is too little.

That prompted this conversation:

Kid (packs a bag of crackers and Barbies, puts her baby in the stroller): Bye mama. See you later.
Me: Bye Addie Jo. Where you going?
Kid: To Calipornya.
Me: You can't go to California. You are too little. It's time for bed, come over here and pick up your toys.
Kid: Ummmmm, I too little to pick toys.

Awesome. So now our days go like this:

Me: Let's go potty.
Kid: I too little to potty.

Me: Can you come help Mama with the clothes? (which she does, in fact, love to do.)
Kid: I too little to help clothes.

Me: Time to brush you teeth and get your jammies.
Kid: I too little to bru teet and jammies.

We may have created a monster. A very litte monster.