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Monday, September 28, 2009


Hello all, its time for another edition of "weird things I see at Kroger's"...

Take a good look at the girl on the right. I imagine this how their conversation went....

Bad friend- Hey, you know what would cool?

Wanna Be Fashionista- What's that?

Bad Friend- If we took your jeans, cut off the legs right under your butt, and then you wore the pant legs as leg warmers... A la Flashdance!

Wanna Be- Awesome! I'll wear the cut offs with the pant legs and go for the whole denim look! Thanks for being a great friend!

Bad Friend (thought to herself)- great, now all the boys will think she's an idiot and wanna hook up with me instead!

Seriously! She walked around the store pulling her makeshift leggings up because they kept sliding down. Maybe she was trying to beat the Texas heat by creating her own ventilation system?!?!

Sorry the picture isn't better. I was trying to be sneaky with my camera phone. I was afraid if she caught me she would think she was on to something and this sad trend would spread!

Condiment Gun?

Food Fight anyone?