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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Today I'm thankful for a life that rocks. Hope you can say the same.

*** This is one of those post where I ramble on about nothingness. It won't be funny or witty. You've been warned.***

On occasion, I get wicked bummed out and think about how sad my life is. But it usally doesn't take much for me to snap out of it. Just yesterday, I was filling in my calendar with baseball games, wedding events, baby showers, water aerobics, etc. I started getting overwhelmed and thinking that I just needed a few days off. Just me and my little family to unwind and enjoy life. I went on about my day and forgot about my fantasy vacation for a few hours.

After work, we picked up the kids and headed home. Regular afternoon events occured. Water the plants and threaten to spray the kids. Fed the baby and had to change because the little rugrat grabbed the jar then gave me a hug. Adelaide and I packed some ice pops and headed to ball park to watch my nephews play t-ball. Small talk with cousins, handed out ice pops, cheered on the best little t-ballers ever and then back in the car to head to the high school. The Speech and Drama department was putting on Cinderella and I wanted to take my daughter. We laughed and clapped and chatted with old friends. A few pictures in the carriage and a mean mug with Cinderella then back home for quick baths and bedtime stories. Leftovers for dinner while chatting with the hubs and another late bedtime.

Some of you might be thinking, "Yep, just another boring, mundain night. I can see why she needs a few days off." Except that it wasn't. Because the hug from the baby was worth a change in clothes. The enormous smile on my nehpews faces when they realized that so many people came to watch them play ball was heart warming. The small talk with my cousins was the one chance we've had to talk in weeks because we've grown up and have our own familes. The trip to the musical brought back more memories than I could count, including the one when I met my now husband.

The next few days will contiune with long afternoons and late bedtimes, but I'm okay with that. Because,  this weekend I'll get a new sister-in-law and she happens to be one of the coolest ladies I know. We'll also be celebrating the birthday of one of the coolest little dudes I know.

Sometimes I think I need a break from life, but then I look around and realize that my life rocks. I have the best neighbors in the world and a family that can drive you crazy from all the love and support they cover you with. It's Thankful Thursday and today I am thankful for the simple life.  What are you thankful for today?