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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Ok... so... I have never had smores. Not that I can remember anyway. It seems like every child should have had smores around the campfire (I've certainly been around a few of those), but I couldn't remember eating them.

Therefore, yesterday I stopped at my neighborhood Kroger's and picked up all the smore essentials (and some pickles... but that's really a pregnant thing and nothing to do with smore making). I waited for the sun to go down and the cold air to come through. Husband made me a handy little marshmallow roaster out of a stick and I was good to go.

My first few marshmallows caught fire and were therefore deemed unfit for smore use. When I finally toasted one to perfection, I placed it on the chocolate and graham cracker and took a big bite....

My expectations were much higher. Maybe it's one of those weird pregnancy things where things don't taste like they should, maybe it was the wood we were using in the fire... either way, I was not impressed by the smore phenomenon and I'm a little baffled at it's longevity.

Maybe I'll try again later, with different wood and different chocolate. My roommate says that the Hershey's Cookies and Cream candy bar is the way to go. I certainly have enough marshmallows left over to try.


Kristi said...

I remember thinking smores were the greatest thing ever when I was a kid. A couple years ago I had a smore craving, and, while you can't go wrong with chocolate and graham crackers, they did not turn out as amazing as I remember. It was so disappointing.

SBW said...

They are messy...every now and then good. I think they were so good as a kid because it meant that you were off camping or doing something really cool :)

Amanda said...

Actualy, the best smore is made from Honey Graham crackers (they used to be in a blue box), plain Hershey bars, and any marshmellows. I actually like them better in the microwave, because everything melts together better - cracker, 2 squares of hershey bar, marshmellow on top, then the other cracker after it's all microwaved. I think it might be a pregnancy thing, because they are freakin delicious.