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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The kid is getting too smart.

The kid has been asking to go to California. Her Nana and Poppy are in California and she doesn't seem to understand the distance between Louisiana and California. We've been telling her she can't go because she is too little.

That prompted this conversation:

Kid (packs a bag of crackers and Barbies, puts her baby in the stroller): Bye mama. See you later.
Me: Bye Addie Jo. Where you going?
Kid: To Calipornya.
Me: You can't go to California. You are too little. It's time for bed, come over here and pick up your toys.
Kid: Ummmmm, I too little to pick toys.

Awesome. So now our days go like this:

Me: Let's go potty.
Kid: I too little to potty.

Me: Can you come help Mama with the clothes? (which she does, in fact, love to do.)
Kid: I too little to help clothes.

Me: Time to brush you teeth and get your jammies.
Kid: I too little to bru teet and jammies.

We may have created a monster. A very litte monster.

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